#MakeMeRead 2017

So I've decided at the very last minute to join the #MakeMeRead Challenge hosted by Ely of Tea and Titles and Val of The Innocent Smiley. I scrolled past a bunch of polls on my twitter feed this morning and got curious as to what this #makemeread hashtag was about.

Make Me Read It Readathon
Image via The Innocent Smiley

To sum it all up quickly, I choose some titles from my TBR, create a poll and have all of YOU wonderful creatures vote on the order for me to try and read them all between the 6th and the 13th of August.

I've created a twitter poll over here. While I probably could knock out five or six books if I tried, I've been know to...take on too much, shall we say, and I want to enjoy this! Using a twitter poll limits me to four choices.

So please vote, and #MakeMeRead!

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